Corporate Risk Reduction

Corporate Risk Reduction Course
With a split second to react to any driving emergency, even experienced drivers need to have a course to refresh their skills. The Safe America Foundation offers a Corporate Risk Reduction Workshop for businesses to provide for their employees who drive a company vehicle.

This course is for experienced, mature drivers. The course provides classroom instruction, utilizing driving simulators to enhance course content and behind the wheel training through six courses.

Safe America’s goal is to increase driver safety through education and training. This will result in a reduction in employee crashes, an increase in business productivity and a limit on business liability. The most important result will be a reduction in injuries and fatalities due to crashes.

Course Outline

The Safe America Foundation Corporate Risk Reduction Workshop is a comprehensive course consisting of seminars, video presentations and simulator driving experience, taught by Safe America Foundation certified driving instructors.

The course curriculum includes defensive driving techniques and automotive safety in various risky roadway situations and differing climatic conditions, including fog, rain and nighttime driving situations. This course addresses the areas of highest risk for drivers, as follows:

Classroom Seminar: Course Overview

Driving Risks: Attention & Concentration/Distracted & Impaired Driving
The Physics of a Crash: Safety Restraints
Urban, Residential and Rural Roads
Handling Emergencies
Distractions – Texting while driving; cell phone use
Impaired Driving – Prescription Drugs, Fatigue
Aggression and Road Rage
Simulation: Adverse Weather Conditions

Driving in rain, fog and night time
Maneuvering & Control Skill Enhancement
Cornering, Accelerating & Braking, Backing up
Simulation: Risky Situations

High speed, limited access roadway
City driving, narrow streets & traffic
Braking/Reaction Performance Test
Behind the Wheel Training
Six behind the wheel training courses to reinforce steering, braking, and maneuvering of a car.

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