Meet the Instructor – Bob Surrusco

If you are sending your teen driver(s) to one of our upcoming driver’s ed classes, chances are your teen will have an interaction with Bob Surrusco.  Bob does many things for the Safe America Foundation, among one of his favorite responsibilities is the opportunity to interact with teen drivers.  In this interview, Bob gives us insight into his experience teaching driver’s ed classes.

Q.  How long have you worked with the Safe America Foundation?
A.  16 years

Q.  What do you love most about working with new drivers?
A.  They really want to learn and see this as one of the passages to being an adult.

Q.  What is the best part of your job?
A.  Working with the teens and their parents to become safe drivers.

Q.  What information is most critical in teaching kids about driving?
A.  It is not enough that they become safe drivers; they must always be aware of what the other drivers are doing. They need to be able to identify dangerous actions others are making.

Q.  What do you believe our program offers that our competitors do not?
A.  Our curriculum (which covers everything from driving in adverse weather conditions to road rage) is enhanced with our ‘under the hood’ segment- where teens are taught to change a tire and jump start a car.  Also, our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge to both the classroom and behind the wheel experiences. My colleagues include a teacher from the Cobb school system, other professional teachers, retired law enforcement and even a city council woman.

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