Classroom Drivers Ed

Classroom Courses
All Safe America driver education courses are licensed by the State of Georgia Department of Driver Services. Each student will attend 30 hours of classroom training. Students will also complete either 6 hours or 10 hours of private, individual behind-the-wheel training with a licensed driver training instructor.

The behind-the-wheel training is performed in individually scheduled 2-hour increments which must occur within the 6 months following the classroom training. This is scheduled after classroom instruction is completed.

Course Benefits
When combined with either our 6- or 10-hour in-car training, our classroom training program satisfies the state requirement for those wishing to obtain their Class-D, Intermediate License.
Additional Benefits Include:

10% reduction in insurance premiums for 3 years to drivers under 25 years of age, if otherwise qualified up to $150 Georgia Income Tax Credit.