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State-certified, full driver’s education course satisfies Joshua’s Law; consists of 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel.

$75 off full 30/6 please call office for code.


Class provides:

$150 Georgia Tax Credit

10% insurance discount for 3 years

Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (ADAP)

Learn to change a Tire & Car Maintenance session



05/29 – 06/02 Tuesday – Saturday

06/04 – 06/08 Monday – Friday

06/11 – 06/15 Monday – Friday

06/18 – 06/22 Monday – Friday

06/25 – 06/29 Monday – Friday

07/02 – 07/07 Monday – Saturday

07/09 – 07/13 Monday – Friday

07/16 – 07/20 Monday – Friday

07/23 – 07/27 Monday – Friday

Class Times: 9:00am to 3:30pm, Daily


Safe America Driving School

2000 First Drive, Suite 310

Marietta, GA 30066

Register at:www.safeamericadrivers.org

For more information, call 770-973-7233.

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BrainCamp 2018 is happening on March 3

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BrainCamp 2018 is happening on March 3 from 8:30am-12:30 pm at the Cobb Safety Village in Marietta, GA.  

Registration will be available soon.  This is an event you don’t want to miss!  Bring your teen and middle school children to this half-day event focused on making good, solid lifelong decisions. Teens can learn what happens when driving while distracted and what to do about cyber bullying, sports safety, and making critical decisions during a difficult situation.

Featured Discussions:

  • Interactive Safe Driving Exhibits
  • Text & Drive an Obstacle Course
  • A Police Pullover & Mock Trial
  • Stopping Bullying
  • Sports Safety
  • Internet Safety

ALSO – an informative re-enactment of a car crash and public safety response

Sign your teen up to learn how to drive undistracted, on SafeAmerica’s new 3-Screen, 360 degree simulator.

For questions, contact Bob Surrusco at (770) 973-7233, x3

For GPS:  The Cobb County Safety Village’s Address is 1220 Al Bishop Drive, Marietta, GA 30008

Damion OlingerBrainCamp 2018 is happening on March 3
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Driver Training Refresher Course

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SafeAmerica conducted driver training refresher course at Delta Air Lines’ corporate headquarters recently, for the third year in a row. EVP Bob Surrusco and Senior Training Don Wallace were able to provide tips on improving defensive driving skills using computer simulators.



Damion OlingerDriver Training Refresher Course
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Driver’s Ed PSA – Discounts Available

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Do you have a teenager who is ready to drive?  Let the SafeAmerica Foundation help with that important task!  Our driver’ ed programs focus on being safe behind the wheel at all times and in all situations.  We offer a special discount via WellStar this summer as well as scholarships for those who qualify.  Parents often comment our programs are better than the rest because of our car maintenance education.  Your driver not only receives expert and comprehensive driver training but also will know how to change fluids, a flat tire and more.

Damion OlingerDriver’s Ed PSA – Discounts Available
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Partnering to End Distracted Driving

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Atlanta, GA – every 24 hours, 180 people die in a car crash – that’s one person every 8 seconds! Because of the horrific total this leads to annually of over 40,000 deaths, the SafeAmerica Foundation is teaming up with EndDD (End Distracted Driving) to plan a series of educational initiatives over the next year to encourage smart phone users to ‘don’t text-and-drive.’

The partnership – officially announced this week – was hi-lighted by the release of a new impactful video titled, “Driving the Length of a Football Field Blind.” The video –  released on YouTube and shared on the SafeAmerica Foundation’s social media channels – is part of a joint effort to save lives.

Feldman who lives in suburban Philadelphia, began the Casey Feldman Foundation after the loss of his 21-year-old daughter, Casey, who was killed by a distracted driver in 2009. Over the past eight years, Joel has worked to change driving attitudes and raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, giving more than 400 presentations and reaching over 100,000 people nationally.

“Just a few seconds is not a very long amount of time. Yet, when you’re behind a steering wheel and your eyes leave the road—that 1 second can change your life and the lives of countless others,” Feldman noted.

The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation and EndDD.org (End Distracted Driving) have worked with experts at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and developed an interactive, evidence-based distracted driving awareness program integrating health communication, behavioral change, and targeted persuasion principles. In addition, Feldman has recently joined the SafeAmerica Foundation’s Board of Directors and will be among those speakers at the inaugural ‘WorldSafe Conference’ this October 26-28 held at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta.

“Joel Feldman is a remarkable person and the Safe America Foundation looks forward to collaborating with Joel and EndDD to reduce and hopefully eradicate distracted driving,” says Len Pagano, CEO of the SafeAmerica Foundation.

“Tweeting, texting, looking at apps while driving is selfish driving. Caring drivers respect the safety of everyone on the road and don’t drive distracted,” says Feldman.

Damion OlingerPartnering to End Distracted Driving
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Scholarships Available for Eligible Students

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Great news for new drivers! Free driver’s ed classes available for eligible students this summer.

The Georgia Education Grant Scholarship Program has certified our program to offer qualified students free driver’s ed courses. Students need to apply for the scholarship on the Georgia Office for Highway Safety website.

If eligible, you can redeem your classes at our Marietta location over the summer break.
For more information, call 770-973-7233.


Damion OlingerScholarships Available for Eligible Students
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What Makes the SafeAmerica Driver’s Ed Classes Better Than The Rest?

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We have asked our customers what makes our drivers ed courses better than our competitors, and the vast majority say they like the car maintenance session we offer for new drivers.

The car maintenance session helps new drivers better understand how to care for their vehicles. New drivers have the chance to change a tire, check the oil and fluids in the car, how to jump-start a car and much more.

Other perks of our program include the following:

Other perks of our program include the following:
– a $150 state tax credit
– a 10% discount off car insurance.
– a $75 discount off our normal class fee, bringing the cost to $399 for the full 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of behind the wheel training.

Call the SafeAmerica Foundation for this special discount code at 770-973-7233.
Winter Break Classes Driver’s Ed Classes offered Feb. 20-24, 2017. Call now before classes fill up.

Damion OlingerWhat Makes the SafeAmerica Driver’s Ed Classes Better Than The Rest?
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Georgia’s Move Over Law – What Drivers Need to Know

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When an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of a highway with their emergency lights flashing, Georgia’s Move Over law requires motorists to do the following:

– Move over to the next lane, if it is safe to do so OR…
– Slow down below the speed limit, and be prepared to stop

Georgia’s Move Over Law is designed to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to police officers, paramedics, firefighters, to truck operators, highway maintenance workers, as well as passing motorists.

Violations of this law shall be punished by a fine not more than $500.

Damion OlingerGeorgia’s Move Over Law – What Drivers Need to Know
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Meet the Instructor – Bob Surrusco

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If you are sending your teen driver(s) to one of our upcoming driver’s ed classes, chances are your teen will have an interaction with Bob Surrusco.  Bob does many things for the Safe America Foundation, among one of his favorite responsibilities is the opportunity to interact with teen drivers.  In this interview, Bob gives us insight into his experience teaching driver’s ed classes.

Q.  How long have you worked with the Safe America Foundation?
A.  16 years

Q.  What do you love most about working with new drivers?
A.  They really want to learn and see this as one of the passages to being an adult.

Q.  What is the best part of your job?
A.  Working with the teens and their parents to become safe drivers.

Q.  What information is most critical in teaching kids about driving?
A.  It is not enough that they become safe drivers; they must always be aware of what the other drivers are doing. They need to be able to identify dangerous actions others are making.

Q.  What do you believe our program offers that our competitors do not?
A.  Our curriculum (which covers everything from driving in adverse weather conditions to road rage) is enhanced with our ‘under the hood’ segment- where teens are taught to change a tire and jump start a car.  Also, our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge to both the classroom and behind the wheel experiences. My colleagues include a teacher from the Cobb school system, other professional teachers, retired law enforcement and even a city council woman.

Damion OlingerMeet the Instructor – Bob Surrusco
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