Great news for new drivers! Free driver's ed classes available for eligible students this summer.

The Georgia Education Grant Scholarship Program has certified our program to offer qualified students free driver's ed courses.
Students need to apply for the scholarship on the Georgia Office for Highway Safety website. If eligible, you can redeem your classes at our Marietta location over the summer break.  To apply, go to

To register for classes, call 770-973-7233.

Alarming Facts about Teen Driving:

FACT: Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in Georgia.

FACT: More than 4,000 teens die nationwide in car crashes every year.

FACT: Teens crash 4x more often than any other age group.

FACT: Parents have the power to change the statistics.

The four greatest factors impacting whether a teen has a car crash are:

  • Inexperience
  • Teen Passengers
  • Driving At Night
  • Parental Involvement

Research shows that increasing practice time, limiting the number of passengers in your teen’s vehicle, restricting nighttime driving, and having parents engaged in their teens’ driving contribute significantly to keeping teens safe behind-the-wheel.

Experience Matters

It takes time and practice for teens to learn how to ride a bike – learning to drive a car is no different.

Like all skills, being a safe driver is something that can only be learned through observation, training and practice.

When it comes to driving, the old axiom of “practice makes perfect” holds true. This is why Georgia requires teens younger than 17 to have a minimum of 40 hours supervised driving experience, including at least 6 hours at night in order to obtain a Class D license.

Click here before you start practicing with your teen to see some tips on making the learning-to-drive experience as safe as possible. Courtesy of The Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving.